Window refresh problem with GroupBox and Tabs

George Marshall g.marshall at
Wed Sep 3 02:08:38 CDT 2003

Hi I've already submitted this bug  to the wine  bugzilla but I'm posting
it here as well  'cause... oh well you know.

Pls. look at the end of the message for .gifs

Bug 1689 follows:

I've got an application which purpose is to just reproduce the wine bug
I'm gonna explain below.

There is, basically, a window, a tab control with four tabs, 
some GroupBoxes and a few editboxes. (Please, see the attached 
.gif to get an idea).

Here we go with the interesting part... If you run the application 
you'll realize that some editboxes are not drawn at all and some 
other not correctly drawn (Expecially if you go through the tabs...) 
Now if you minimize and then raise this window or drag part of it out 
of the screen and then back in, everything in it is correctly "painted".
The pic tabwin_ok.gif shows the application correctly drawn, while in
tabwin_bad.gif you'll see the application in its bad behavior 
(Like described above).

Another interesting thing to note is that if you go through the tabs 
backward( from the last one to the first one ) the window contents is 
correctly drawn, not if you go from the first tab to the last one.
This is always reproducible.

This bug is 100% reproducible with Wine 20030813, 20030709, 20030618 
(the versions I could work with...)

I'm actually trying to fix this by myself (an ugly workaround will do 
the job as well) but any help to get me to the right direction will 
be appriciated.

You're more than welcome to ask for any debug or strace log.


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