BUG in IPersistFile::Load() since Wine-20030618 !

Subhobroto Sinha pasha_3d at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 3 13:06:13 CDT 2003

This is a followup of my earlied post.

Recap: I was porting my program which resolved Windows
shortcut files (.lnk) using WineLib (Please note that
this program runs flawlessly on Windows).
It used to work fine till I updated my Wine source
from 20030408 to 20030813.

I posted this report here and Dimitrie suggested that
I do a CVS Regression test to locate the error...

Now, I really could NOT do a CVS regression test as I
lack the bandwidth (you know, a 28KBps modem ..), but
I started afresh with the Wine-20030408 source tree
and "patch-compile-tested" to version 20030618.
Then I found out that from this release onwards
IPersistFile::Load() had become BROKEN !

Hence I have reason to believe that ANY code which
modified/touched directly/indirectly
IPersistFile::Load() and made it's way into
Wine-20030618.diff.gz is AT FAULT ;)
And that code needs to be FIXED.

So ALL Wine releases prior to 20030618 can sucessfully
run my program(or for that matter, ANY program that
calls IPersistFile::Load()) , and ANY Wine release
after 20030618 will fail ANY application that calls
IPersistFile::Load() !

Just to show that not just my program is at fault, you
can also try running Mike McCormack's WineMenuBuilder
which also resolves Windows shortcuts...

Until IPersistFile::Load() got broken, on running my
program this is the ONLY message I used to get :
(0x4039da98)->(hwnd=(nil) flags=3)"

The attached file "WineTraceLog.zip"<MD5 Sum:
278b4c4a44cc445b6c0e0d8863a790cf> contains the
pertinent extract of the trace log when I run my
program, please go through it to see what really is
(While going through this extract you can see that the
shortcut has been resolves sucessfully, but yet
IPersistFile::Load() returns a failure ??)

I hope this gets fixed allright ;)
Please let me know if I can help in any way (EXCEPT
learning COM!)...


Subhobroto Sinha

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