Various fixme's and error messages with Visual FoxPro 8

Paul McNett p at
Wed Sep 3 14:24:34 CDT 2003

In case it may be interesting to any of the hackers here,
here is a spattering of messages that get output when
running Visual FoxPro 8. If this isn't of interest, please
forgive the bandwidth. 

The NotifyWinEvent messages fill pages of output during
a typical session.

The keyboard: X11DRV_ToUnicode is actually a minor
problem as the key combination of Shift+Tab gets 
eaten instead of being passed to VFP. I've tried looking
at the keyboard code to see if I can fix this, but the
code is way beyond my level of comprehension.

This is using the latest tarball release (Wine20030813).

err:win32:_EnterSysLevel (0x409ddfc0, level 2): Holding 0x40a95de0, level 3. Expect deadlock!
fixme:hook:NotifyWinEvent (32773,0x10044,1,8)-stub!
err:clipboard:X11DRV_CLIPBOARD_QueryAvailableData Failed to cache text/plain;charset=utf-8 property
err:keyboard:X11DRV_ToUnicode Please report: no char for keysym FE20 (ISO_Left_Tab) :
err:keyboard:X11DRV_ToUnicode (virtKey=9,scanCode=F,keycode=17,state=1)

Paul McNett

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