commctrl.h cleanup

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at
Thu Sep 4 11:43:54 CDT 2003

On Thu, 4 Sep 2003, Alexandre Julliard wrote:

> Looks like you have been reorganizing a bit too much, config.h and
> wine/port.h should always be included before anything else.

I did not realize this. We don't (or we shouldn't) test for
HAVE_* in our header files (except port.h), so I was only
aware of config.h being included before port.h.

> > All other (except
> > for winbase.h) are *a lot* simpler. People can do them by
> > hand quite easily.
> I'm not so sure. For instance prsht.h still includes windef.h,
> wingdi.h and winuser.h, and since it's included from commctrl.h in
> fact your patch didn't actually remove these. 

Yeah, I noticed that too after I finished, but I don't think it's
a big problem anymore because commctrl.h is typically included
after a lot of other headers which would generate errors if
win{def,base,etc} were not included before.

> I think there will still
> be a lot of changes to make, and I'd really prefer to avoid having to
> fix the same C files again and again.

In other words? Is it OK if I fix prsht.h as well? It was a lot of
work you know...


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