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hatky hatkyinc at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 5 06:49:59 CDT 2003

> What about rather a coding / debugging frenzy ?

I considered them both but they are very hard to do
for me for a known reason, Documentation.

I read them all + a lot of the mailing lists but
do not know where to start with all of this even in
the debugging, getting the trace of a certain
component is not that easy because there is no place
listing them I need to guess if it's +reg or
for example, there are places where it's match
(ex display stuff)....

About coding it's even harder since I do not know a
lot about linux and in programming for linux for a
first, the list of tasks is updated very slowly and
usually not very clear to outsiders, the Janitorial
list that is suppose to be the easiest is not very
clear about what to do and is full of junk already
done, not updated very frequently and also has stuff
that the gurus here are working months on them (like
dll separation) so how does a Janitorial suppose to

Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to say anything
bad about you or the project or the rest of the
wonderful people working on it, but as I see it the
reason others programmers do not join it or at least
don't is becouse you do not make this task easy at
all, if anyone would want to turn this around and
to pass some of this knowledge I am willing to learn
and document (I am not a writer and my primary
language is not English...) just to get the view
of a new programmer (ok I HAVE been watching this
project for about 4 years but did not get active as

Ya, this is not a constant signature,
sincerely yours,

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