Current Working Dir?

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Fri Sep 5 07:38:36 CDT 2003

>> I just updated to the actual cvs version and tried to run my program. It's
>> a simple Win32 command line tool which reads a text file from the same
>> directory called Update.ini.
>Are you running the tool in the same way? If you are now running it with,
>for example, "wine ../../../tool" then the current directory ("." in the
>traces) will not be the same directory as the tool.
>If that is not the problem then which version of Wine were you running
>before the update?

Well, I don't know if ever ran this program on wine before, but it's a
simple command line tool, I didn't imagine any problems no matter if
it worked before or not.

I start it with wine c:/path/to/file.exe, so I guess the current working
dir can be anything.

I just tried on windows by calling it from the command line in a different
directory and guess what: it didn't work either. But that never showed
up as this is usually started from the windows explorer.

Mea culpa. I need to fix this prog then to first get the dir of the exe.

Sorry for the noise, but thanks for helping.

bye   Fabi

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