Case sensitive in wine

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Fri Sep 5 07:44:15 CDT 2003

>> I tried another app which needs dlls and again I had the error that the
>> file was not found, this time from wine. But the dll sure was in the
>> fake c:\windows\system32. Just as a wild guess I made a copy of
>> this dll and changed the case to all upper case as was the name
>> wine told me. And miraculously the dll was found. So it seems
>> that even while doing "Windows work" wine sometimes behaves
>> case sensitive.
>What's the type of the fs for your C drive? Unix or Win95?
>I believe Unix (or network also maybe) will be case sensitive, while
>Win95 won't.

Underlying is of course Linux, but in the wine config all drives have
type win95.

bye  Fabi

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