Get rid of W->A calls

hatky hatkyinc at
Fri Sep 5 10:27:51 CDT 2003

> Let us know if you need any help.

Just to be sure I got it right, I moved the 
DirectDrawEnumerateExA stuff into
DirectDrawEnumerateExW since there is nothing ascii or
unicode specific in it I think it's ok on it's own now
in DirectDrawEnumerateExA I have these variables:

pointer to a callback function, the
DirectDrawEnumerateExW get a LPDDENUMCALLBACKEXW (not
match a suprise I guess) 
so do I need to convert it? 
just cast it as (DirectDrawEnumerateExW)?
something else?

LPVOID lpContext
Address of an application-defined context to be passed
to the enumeration callback function each time that it
is called
when they called from W -> A they did:

DirectDrawEnumerateProcData epd;
epd.lpCallback = (LPVOID) lpCallback;
epd.lpContext = lpContext;

and sent in as:
(LPVOID) &epd

Should it just be sent as is?

DWORD dwFlags 
I assume it should be passed as is, for some reason
the opposite call sent 0



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