WIDL problems

Rolf Kalbermatter rolf.kalbermatter at citeng.com
Fri Sep 5 11:57:33 CDT 2003

I'm trying to get a new shell object into Wine and seeing that most of the
object definition stuff has recently been moved to IDL files I wondered if
I could define the object in shobjidl.idl.

However I seem to get some problems compiling shobjidl.idl with with widl.

I tried ./tools/widl/widl -I ./include ./include/shobjidl.idl and get an error.

To be sure it wasn't caused by my editing I made sure the entire include dir is
an unmodified version of the CVS tree and tried it there and I still get the error
./include/shobjidl.idl:426: Error: method index mismatch in write_proxy

What is the problem here? Should I just sent in the patch to shobjidl.idl and
the header file gets generated automatically with some more capable tool?

By the way I noticed also that IPersistFolder3 got probably overlooked when moving
the definitions to idl files.

Rolf Kalbermatter

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