Current Working Dir?

Vincent Béron vberon at
Fri Sep 5 14:54:49 CDT 2003

Le ven 05/09/2003 à 15:34, Dustin Navea a écrit :
> Well, I can tell you that the reason it didnt work in windows when running
> from another directory is because the directory that update.ini (or the exe
> file) is in probably wasnt in your path.. But either way, fixing the program
> to get the exe's path will take care of it, until you or a user moves the
> update.ini to somewhere that isnt in your path and isnt the same directory as
> the exe.. lol

The path (as in %path%) is only for executable files (.bat, .com, .exe,
etc.). For data files (such as this update.ini), there was another
command to search automatically in multiple directories called append.
I'm not aware of an equivalent for Unix.


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