LPT0 support with DOSFS_OpenDevice

Mike McCormack mike at codeweavers.com
Fri Sep 5 21:23:26 CDT 2003

Hi Ed,

If the code is essentially the same anyway, it might be a good idea just 
to add a switch in server/serial.c and to the create_serial request to 
tell the server whether the device is a serial port or a parallel port, 
then change serial/parallel behaviour depending on that switch.  You can 
also use serial_get_info to return a flag saying that you're dealing 
with a parallel port if necessary.

It's probably better to avoid duplication of the code unless necessary.


Ed Lea wrote:
> This patch provides initial support for accessing LPT0 via /dev/lp0. It
> provides this support in very much the same way serial port support is
> provided - most of the functions are subtly altered duplicates of that
> code. Currently only syncronous accesses are supported, although the
> infra-structure for asyncronous methods is in place it has not been
> tested. It would be a good starting point for anyone to get this working
> at a later date though.
> The patch enables programs that communicate with parallel port devices
> directly through LPT0 to work.
> Ed Lea <ed at orangebits.cx>

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