More stuff about the headers

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Sat Sep 6 22:17:28 CDT 2003

First thanks Dimi and Alexandre for the header fixes. I have been outa town till lastnight so I
have not had a chance to do much testing of the MS_VC build yet. I will start working on this soon
as I want to get these dlls imported in to ReactOS. 

First thing is first. Whats up with the 
*_must_be_suffixed_with_W_or_A_in_this_context error?

To build comctl32 with the Mingw/PSDK headers we need to do something about this.
Almost every file is expecting IDC_ARROWA and the PSDK/w32api dont define a A/W suffix. I think
once we fix this comctl32 should build out of the box with the PSDK or w32api.


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