Porting radio driver from MS to Linux

Robert Shearman R.J.Shearman at warwick.ac.uk
Sun Sep 7 09:27:25 CDT 2003

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> Subject: Porting radio driver from MS to Linux

> I'm not too familiar with winapi myself, because I learn C/C++ in a
> college environment, where most programming assignments are geared towards
> Linux. Can anyone comment sensibly on this? If you are of the opinion that
> I should just rewrite the app from scratch, I agree in part, but the
> assignment is to leave as much of the original code as it is, apart from
> isolated cases where g++ can't quite follow the MSVC++ compiler.

It may be best to first compile the app using Mingw (minimalist GNU compiler
for Windows). That will get rid of the the the MSVC++ specific stuff from
the program.

> At the end of the email is a list of prototypes included, that I ripped
> from winbase.h

A lot of the functions you list are primitives (i.e. processed in
wineserver). If you are not planning on using wineserver, then you will have
to reimplement those in your own way, as the Wine code probably won't be

You don't say how big the code is, but if it is not too big then I would try
and rewrite it without Wine. Reimplementing Wine is quite a hard task, even
if you are using a very small amount of it.


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