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Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Sun Sep 7 13:15:58 CDT 2003

--- Eric Pouech <pouech-eric at> wrote:
> > If you are compiling a core Wine DLL, you are not allowed to use the 
> > base name (IDC_ARROW). You must pick either the Ansi (IDC_ARROWA) or 
> > Wide (IDC_ARROWW) versions. To achieve this, wine uses a macro called 
> > "WINELIB_NAME_AW". It is defined in windef.h. You can see that if 
> > UNICODE is defined, this macro adds the "W" at the end, if not defined, 
> > it adds an "A" at the end, but if it is part of the wine compilation, it 
> > defines a name that is bound to cause an error, by appending 
> > "func_must_be_suffixed_with_W_or_A_in_this_context".


> - create a wine internal header for those specific definitions (the XXA 
> and XXW) which would be defined as currently in winuser.h. We should 
> also undefine the XX to avoid using the XX form of the constant.

I like this idea. WINE will never be able to built out of the box using just the PSDK. 
Even M$ seems to have there own internal SDK so I guess we should create 
include/wine/internal.h and move everything there? If we do this then we dont have
to change any of the sources except to add that header and it should build.


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