Wine with VB6

Sukumar .S ignouonline at
Mon Sep 8 01:17:42 CDT 2003

Dear All,

I've installed the Wine version 20030813 as suggested by the group 
members. I am able to run and use many of the window applications.

I've installed VB6 on my windows partititon and when i run it with
wine, the VB6 is starting well and loading the project which i've choosen
from the list. But when i run the project, it is reporting an error
called "Automation Error".

I'm using the MS VB 6 Working Model Edition on Win98 Installation. Is this
error something got to do with Registry  or any Native Dll should be
used ? Please help me on this.

I've one more query...! I've written one project which basically
scans/sends Messages (SendMessage) to any of the specified Target Window
controls to retrive the data in it. For example i.e If it is an List View
Control, my programs sends appropriate messages to retrive the now of
rows and each row columns text from it.

Will this application if i run it from wine, will it work exactly ?

Thanks & Best Regards,
S. Sukumar


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