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Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Mon Sep 8 12:23:04 CDT 2003

On Mon, 8 Sep 2003, Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
> Do we still need the winehq.dsl? It would be nice to use just
> the regular HTML files that we have generated already, as those
> use the site HTML .dsl. That would be possible with your script
> to trim the header and footer, plus a bit of elbow greese in
> the form of some URL rewritting in .htaccess.

As far as I can see the differences between winehq.dsl and default .dsl
 * for the extension. If that can be avoided by using .htaccess, whynot.
But I'll let Jeremy decide which solution he prefers.
 * winehq.dsl references the WineHQ css (Cascading Style Sheets) file.
That's a good thing.
 * default.dsl specifies a bunch of attributes to set the colors and
things like this
 * default.dsl also specifies that some elements should be italic which
maybe we should do in winehq.dsl too although with the cascading style
sheets I'm not sure it's necessary.

> > --- /dev/null	2003-02-03 19:32:02.000000000 +0100
> > +++ documentation/make_winehq_template	2003-09-06 14:15:47.000000000 +0200
> This one, and make_winehq script should be moved to the
> tools module, as we discussed before. It may make sense
> to place it here for now, and do the move as a separate
> step though.

I think it's fine in the documentation directory but if Alexandre wants
to move it that's ok with me.

In any case, what we can do is merge make_winehq_template into
make_winehq so that we have a single script. That is, make_winehq would
become a perl script that would contain the make_winehq_template
filtering code as well as code that invokes the appropriate tars and
db2html operations.

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