Current Working Dir?

Dustin Navea speeddymon at
Mon Sep 8 16:36:34 CDT 2003

--- Sylvain Petreolle <spetreolle at> wrote:
> IMHO this has no reason to work because you add this, or the myprog.exe
> is bad designed.

Ack, I just realized that I am wrong...  I see what you were saying before,
in DOS, you type in an exe and it searches current dir and %PATH%, but if the
program is looking for a file, it will only check %PATH% if it is designed
to..  In windows, the same applies, except in the case of dll's..  For those,
the API takes over and searches current dir, and if not found, then searches
%PATH% if it is set, and %WINDIR% and %SYSTEMDIR%

My apologies for not paying attention to what was said before lol..
> note : since 'C:\myprogdir' is in %PATH%, there's no need to write it
> in the command line.

You are right about that, C:\myprogdir isnt needed, I just typed it in
anyways ;)

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