MSVCP60.DLL missing, please help

eric lin fsshl at
Mon Sep 8 17:43:08 CDT 2003

Dear Robert:

  Thanks your reply and point out.  I will try to search web somewhere to get it for running my.exe file by wine.   (or point me some place in web I can get it)

  or anyone have other alternative, please inform me.

highly appreciate your effort, and thanks in advance
sincere Eric

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>> Subject: MSVCP60.DLL missing, please help
>> Dear wine-devel programers:
>>   MSVCP60.DLL some say is runtime dll that must need window
>> license version.  Does anyone have some way to get around that so
>> no-window user still can run that exe program.  I am in rh9 platform.
>> highly appreciate your tech help, and looking to hear from you soon
>> sincere Eric
>From my Visual Studio 6 EULA:
>Redistributable Code-Standard. Microsoft grants you a nonexclusive,
>royalty-free right to reproduce and distribute the object code form of any
>portion of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT listed in REDIST.TXT ("Redistributable
>Code"). NOTE: certain Redistributable Code may be subject to the
>restrictions in Section 2.3 if it is also identified as "Limited Use
>Redistributable Code."
>Therefore, there are no restrictions on which computers you can install the
>redistributables on (MSVCP60 is a redestributable according to the
>REDIST.TXT elsewhere on the CD). All you need to do is find an application
>that will install it for you (perhaps you could download it off the Internet
>somewhere, but I am not sure about the legality of that).

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