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Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Tue Sep 9 04:32:01 CDT 2003

Alexandre Julliard wrote:

>Eric Pouech <pouech-eric at> writes:
>>so the possible solutions are:
>>- As we compile Wine without the _UNICODE flag, we could change the
>>code as follows:
>>	XXA => XX
>>drawback: we'll have warnings if we need to compile with the _UNICODE
>I think what we want is to add casts in all cases, both A and
>W. That's unfortunately the only way to make the code really portable.
In that case, wer'e going to do ugly things in the code, why not just 
call "MAKEINTRESOURCEA/W" in the source? It is still not exactly "nice", 
but at least it doesn't assume that (WCHAR*)MAKEINTRESOURCEA(5) is a 
legal thing.


On retrospect, this may be what you (Alexandre) meant to begin with. 
Sorry for the repeat if so.

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