for Red Hat packager

Vincent Béron vberon at
Tue Sep 9 10:59:42 CDT 2003

Le mar 09/09/2003 à 10:14, Shachar Shemesh a écrit :
> Ivan Leo Murray-Smith wrote:
> >>The latest Wine 
> >>RPMs are compiled without BiDi support
> >>    
> >>
> >the Red Hat rpms may be, but I can assure you that your help to get bidi into the
> >mdk rpms wasn't invane.
> >
> Greedy ol' me, trying to get them all :-)

I am the RH package manager for Wine.
My RPMS are indeed without BiDi support for now, as I was aiming for
them to be rebuildable on any fully-updated (and nothing more) RH box.
Of course, I can install the required libraries and build them with BiDi
support if you push me to it :)


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