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Tue Sep 9 13:24:24 CDT 2003

Bill Medland wrote:

>On September 9, 2003 10:18 am, Vincent Béron wrote:
>>The best way is, as Alexandre tries to go, run-time detection. Yes the
>>executables are bigger (more functionality), but there's not more
>>installation-time dependancies and it can use some more libs as they are
>, except that rpm insists on the appropriate packages being installed before 
>it will even install the wine.  Personally my environment is for business 
>computing.  I only have a sound card because it is on the board; I don't have 
>speakers.  So I have no need for sound, scanner support, camera support and 
>all the other things that a lot of people do want.  Therefore I find it 
>extremely frustrating when I have to install packages purely to satisfy an 
>rpm requirement.
Then talk to your RPM packager and have him remove those packages from 
the "depends" for the RPM. As Wine can handle pretty fine without them, 
there is no reason to list them under "depends". With Debian, you can 
list those packages under "recommends" or "suggests". RPM has no such 
facilities, unfortunetly.


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