Use a css file for the doc

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at
Tue Sep 9 17:17:55 CDT 2003

On Wed, 10 Sep 2003, Francois Gouget wrote:

>  1. keep the old default.dsl file which hard-codes the presentation in
> all the output files and makes it impossible for an end-user to modify
> it.
>  2. use the new default.dsl file which puts all the presentation aspects
> in the css file so that the html files don't have a hard-coded look and
> feel.
>  3. remove the dsl file altogether so that we get filenames of the form
> p3552.html and the default look and feel.

My apollogy, I must not have been clear enough. I want 4:

   4. use the new default.dsl file when building the HTML docu on the
      WineHQ site. It should _not_ be in the Wine tree, but rather in
      in the WineHQ tree. I suggest the tools/ module. When a user
      does 'make html' in the documentation/ directory, that should
      just use the default.dsl file that is installed on the user's box.

This way we generate the docs our way, and they generate the
docs their way.

Peace? :)


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