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Kelly Leahy kellyleahy at swbell.net
Wed Sep 10 12:53:02 CDT 2003

> Thats the problem!
> You have your fine dictonary in hand, so you think you know how to speak
> english... but when you visit a english speaking country  the people
> you speak to look like a deer caught in a spot light!
> In other words sure ... Shachar... is 100% correct..... I will give him
> that!
> but in the real world.. where I live people would just look and
> say,......... ummm.
> That  young man has spent way to many years in school. A text book
> genius but bumb as as creek rock when it comes to common sence..
> Shachar don't get mad or pissed.. I had to find someone for my
> eniligey.. :)  And beleive you me even as dumb as I am people here
> think im a road scholar. And thats not saying very much :(
> As far as slang goes.. I can speak three different versions of slang
> NE slang, African American, SE Hill Billy, take your pick.
> And as me and Dmitry have had a little fude over this before
> american english is not the same as the Queens English...
> And if you dont trust me.... Just come for a visit :)
> And not to piss off  the brits as I have the israelis........
> Your English is far superior to what we would ever except
> as being english........ As we sound more like the Welsh....

Is this English?  I don't know where you're from, but I don't count such
poor grammar as even being included in the English language...

I would have to say that judging from the postings I've seen so far, I would
say Shachar's English is much better than whatever it is that you are
speaking (if indeed it is supposed to be English).

One who speaks "English" in such a manner should never make an argument as
to what is "proper english".

Kelly Leahy

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