Indent to get Avisynth working with Wine/Winelib

Mike Hearn mike at
Wed Sep 10 18:00:32 CDT 2003

On Wed, 2003-09-10 at 23:36, Kevin Atkinson wrote:
> Can a linux application link with a winlib shared library.

Nope. Not yet, anyway.

> >     -- run avisynth in a separate process, and devise some sort of
> >        RPC mechanism to marshall calls back and forth.
> Unless the processes can share memory that will add a huge overhead as 
> video frames will need to be send between processes.

You can use POSIX IPC to set up SHM segments, that make transfer of
large amounts of data easy. There are multiple routes for performing
RPC, whether you choose to use DBUS, CORBA, or a custom protocol.

Typically domain sockets on Linux are very fast, you don't need to worry
about overhead for small amounts of data (like RPCs), the context switch
overhead is more problematic. For work that requires very tight
synchronization that might be an issue.

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