FAQ: Update the ports section

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at indel.ch
Thu Sep 11 02:09:34 CDT 2003

>Thats the problem!
>You have your fine dictonary in hand, so you think you know how to speak
>english... but when you visit a english speaking country  the people
>you speak to look like a deer caught in a spot light!
>In other words sure ... Shachar... is 100% correct..... I will give him that!
>but in the real world.. where I live people would just look and say,......... ummm.
>That  young man has spent way to many years in school. A text book
>genius but bumb as as creek rock when it comes to common sence..

I'm not native English myself, but I sure prefer looking too intelligent
than too dumb. So when I find a book which is a standard then I would
follow this, no matter how many people think otherwise. At least I can
say then "I wrote it like that because of this rule" and not just because
"I think it's correct". But I guess there will never be a concensus about
language as there are so many dialects/variants...

bye   Fabi

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