[winecfg 8] Complete drive edit dialog, warn on lack of C drive, implement drive delete, code cleanups

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at intelliware.ca
Thu Sep 11 10:47:38 CDT 2003

On 11 Sep 2003, Mike Hearn wrote:

> drive edit is probably one of those areas), but in others the only value
> I can see for having a cancel button is to follow what Windows (which
> basically doesn't having much of a HIG at all) and KDE (which typically
> follows windows) do. Having revert/close then is basically like
> OK/cancel except the buttons are labelled differently - the
> functionality is the same.

But it's not the same, it's different. It's not what users expect.
Windows is on 90% of desktops, KDE is on mode that 70% of Linux
desktops. Which means 99% of people are used to OK/Cancel. I don't
want to debate which one is better, this is not the point.
In fact, I might agree with you that instant apply makes sense.
But the truth is that it's not such a big improvement, nowhere
close to warant breaking from the status quo. Just think how
weird this will look on a KDE desktop. Or to any Windows user,
our target audience!

This has been tried ad nausaem before, and have failed consistently
_every_single_time_. It just doesn't play to break consistency
like so because you think in this case it is a bit better. What's
the reasons to try it yet again, with very predictable results?


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