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Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Fri Sep 12 00:47:48 CDT 2003

IIRC, there were legal issues with this. Make sure that the MFC license 
allows you to redistribute the compiled code before you delve too deeply 
into this adventure.


Deji Akinyemi wrote:

> Hi! Does anyone have a set of directives on how one goes about 
> generating an MFC library for winelib from the sources?
> I just started the process, and got pass the mfc/atl configuration 
> hic-ups. Now I am trying to get things to compile and that is another 
> story. I am presently getting an error while compiling that atl that  
> goes:
>             LD_LIBRARY_PATH=":$LD_LIBRARY_PATH" /usr/bin/wrc   -I.  
> -I/usr/local/include/wine/windows -o atl.res atl.rc
>            atl.rc:54:58: Error: Cannot open file atl.tlb
>            make: *** [atl.res] Error 1
> from
> I am inferring that atl.tlb may not be needed. I may be wrong. It 
> appears that it is going to be a very long series of trial and error. 
> I've looked for information to help but it has been very scanty.
> Is there a script or Makefile that automates this process?
> At this point any information helps. Thanks in advance for any pointers.
> Deji.

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