load library problem

Vincent Béron vberon at mecano.gme.usherb.ca
Fri Sep 12 05:47:35 CDT 2003

Le ven 12/09/2003 à 03:13, Dimitrie O. Paun a écrit :
> Hi folks,
> I have flagged this before, but got no answer. Once again,
> this a C++ Winelib app (one of the wxWindows samples):
> [dimi at dimi calendar]$ ls calendar*
> calendar      calendar_calendar.o     calendar.cpp  calendar.exe.so  calendar.o    calendar.rc           calendar-wrap.dll.so
> calendar.bkl  calendar_calendar_rc.o  calendar.dsp  calendarM5.xml   calendar.pro  calendar_resources.o
> [dimi at dimi calendar]$ export WINEDLLPATH=`pwd`

Try setting WINEDLLPATH="/usr/local/lib/wine:`pwd`" and see if it goes

I think it's been triggered buy Juraj lately, with a nice backtrace to a
pthread function called by somewhere in dlerror() while trying to load
ntdll.dll from the first dllpath (ie, the first one in WINEDLLPATH).


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