[winecfg 8] Complete drive edit dialog, warn on lack of C drive, implement drive delete, code cleanups

Mike Hearn mike at theoretic.com
Fri Sep 12 07:13:47 CDT 2003

On Thu, 2003-09-11 at 21:52, Robert Shearman wrote:
> If the changes are potentially catastrophic then you should 
> be either warned before making them or prevented from making them in the 
> first place. We can't predict whether the user *really* wanted to make those 
> changes so we have to assume they did. They can always change them back later.

Maybe, but why do we have settings that could be potentially
catastrophic anyway? Sounds like a recipe for more tech support traffic
to me.....

> Now some comments on winecfg after using it for the first time (I realise 
> that winecfg isn't finished yet):

Right, nowhere near :)

> 1. The 'Apply' button seems to be enabled by just flicking between tabs in 
> the dialog

The Apply button in the main window doesn't actually do anything.
Unfortunately the PropertySheet API is rather limited in the options it
gives you.

> 2. If the option changed cannot be applied instantly, then a dialog box 
> stating this should be displayed (e.g. do you want to restart all of your 
> programs?)

Well, at the moment, that's every setting in the entire program. Long
term, there's no reason why settings shouldn't be changeable at runtime
though, the registry API supports change notification.

> 3. I know the load order page isn't finished yet, but a dropdown box for the 
> load order with the options "builtin then native" and "native then builtin" 
> would be better than the radio buttons (but we should keep the explanation 
> about builtin = Wine and native = MS, which is very useful)

Yeah, I haven't even looked at that code yet, it's exactly how I found

> 4. The drive dialog: the edit and remove buttons shouldn't be enabled unless 
> something is selected (at the moment if nothing is selected it removes the 
> last item in the list).

Odd. I thought I had got it so at least one item was always selected.
Have you got all my patches applied? I think some are still pending.

> 5. It would be nice to have fixme's printed on buttons that don't work yet, 
> etc.

I've started doing that with WRITEME() which is a fixme but in a dialog
box, but so far not much stuff uses it.

thanks -mike

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