[winecfg 8] Complete drive edit dialog, warn on lack of C drive, implement drive delete, code cleanups

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at rogers.com
Fri Sep 12 08:22:39 CDT 2003

On September 12, 2003 08:18 am, Mike Hearn wrote:
> I don't think it's a hugely big deal to be honest, I've yet to see
> anybody have major problems with it in Gnome, the difference simply
> isn't that huge.

And this is my very point -- it's not significant enough to break
consistency. Breaking GUI compatibility is as breaking APIs simply
because they are both interface. Histroy shows that you should not
break interfaces for frivolous reasons.

The current situation is not very nice: we have a dialog looking
exactly like a Windows dialog, with an OK/Apply button (!), that
behaves like a ... something else, without any indication whatsoever.
This is like arguing to swap the strcpy() params because you don't
like the order, but you can't change the name since so many programs
use it. Imagine a Windows user that just migrated to Linux/KDE
using this thing -- he will not be happy for the simple reason that
it will make him/her feel stupid.

Right now we are not only inconsistent with (many) of our running
environments, we are also inconsistent with everything else we do
in Wine, as well as every application the user will run through Wine.

I suggested a compromise: let's keep this configurable so we can
nicely integrate with the running environment. I'm surprised you
find this suggestion so controversial.


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