How do I find out what a program uses to identify a screen mode

hatky hatkyinc at
Sat Sep 13 07:42:23 CDT 2003

I am trying to get some code contributes to wine but
after trying 2 w->a converts and then getting the
response of "Thats to complicated, leave it to me" I
decided to more on....

I have a few games that are failing logically
identifying a screen mode (one actually fails at
detecting a 3d card) I searched msdn and the code and
traces of their runs and yet couldn't find that
procedure gives them that wrong info. 

Can some directX/x11drv guru help me find and fix the
problem, I assume it is something that either is
stubbed or doesn't check the wine config correctly....

Trying to start on some real contribution to wine,
Thanks in advance,

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