keyboard broken in DOS (real mode)

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Sun Sep 14 18:00:22 CDT 2003


the installer of the free IDA pro version
( dosn't work with wine due
missing keyboard input. Pressing some keys makes wine to spit out
following error:
err:int:DOSVM_Int09SendScan keyboard queue overflow
The emulated hardware keyboard buffer overflows because the keys don't
make it to the emulated BIOS keyboard buffer. DOSVM_Int09SendScan
queues an event for IRQ1 but no handler for int 09 is ever called (the
int 09 handler copies the keys from the hardware to the BIOS keyboard
buffer). (Thx to Ove for the explanation how things should work)
From the +int,+int21,+relay debug output it seems like the event queued
by DOSVM_Int09SendScan is stuck in the queue.
I had a look at DOSVM_QueueEvent and the other dosvm and interrupt
functions but i didn't see the light of how this stuff works and why the
queued event is never processed. Some help with that would be grateful.

Btw the keyboard input seems to work in protected mode (tested with the
setup program of Imperium Romanum using the DOS32A extender).

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