CreateBitmap fails

Jarkko Lavinen jlavi at
Mon Sep 15 09:03:21 CDT 2003

I am trying to run Trace32 hardware debugging system with Wine. I
would like to use the latest Wine version, but unfortunately some
bitmap buttons are corrupted on recent Wine versions. Well, I think
the problem started about a year ago and have simply used an old
Wine 20020327 where the buttons are displayed correctly.

Example of corrupted buttons with Wine 20030911

and another example of same buttons looking ok on Wine 20020327

When running Trace32 on Wine 20030911 I get 108 lines of following
  err:x11drv:X11DRV_CreateBitmap Trying to make bitmap with planes=1, bpp=4

And bitmap buttons on the main Trace32 window are corrupted but on subwindows
they are ok.

With Wine 20020327 I get the CreateBitmap message only once and the
buttons are ok on both main window and on subwindows.

Jarkko Lavinen

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