Bad prefs that I'm planning on dropping

Lionel Ulmer lionel.ulmer at
Mon Sep 15 09:53:43 CDT 2003

> But, Linux is changing, and we can't assume that sort of thing anymore.
> Worse, a lot of these settings could simply be autodetected, or are so
> obscure that the defaults would always suffice (we can auto detect the
> presence of XSHM, so why would you need to disable it?).

Historically, XShm had some bugs on some X servers (like complete freeze of
the X server). Something pretty hard to detect at run-time. I doubt that
anyone still uses a buggy server like that now though ... This is why ...

> * XSHM - can be autodetected, 99.9% of Wines users use XFree, which
> supports it.

It has been suppressed since at least one month :-)

> * Use DGA - enabling it apparently breaks wines keyboard input,
> rendering most games useless (and it's usually used for games).
> Difficult to know when to enable it short of trying.

> * Synchronous mode - would this be better implemented as a command line
> switch? For most people who cannot debug problems in the Wine x11drv, it
> would just slow things down for no apparent reason. For those who can,
> it's easy to tell people to run wine with the --sync option, for
> instance, or do "export WINE_SYNCHRONOUS=1"

Well, command line switches should not be DLL dependant... Or do you want to
write the 'wine wrapper' that changes cmd line arguments into configuration
keys ?

Anyway, this option is clearly not something that winecfg should show to the
user. It's a debugging help and we can explain to the users how to change it
when they get the error without requiring an UI.

> * XVideoPort - wow, this one is obscure. What is a video port when it's
> at home? Isn't that something X should take care of?

This will be re-used once we re-add the Xv support to Wine. Basically, if
you have multiple graphic boards, you can have multiple Xv adaptators (on my
X server, I have two : one for my main board and one for my TV card). This
option is here in case Wine does not auto-detect properly the right card and
needs some help.

> * Use XRender/antialias control - this stuff should be controlled by
> fontconfig, there's no need to dupe settings here.

Well, best to wait for the fontconfig stuff to be merged to check if then
it's still needed or not.

> unnecessary, may actually be needed. If so, please tell me why *with
> reasoned arguments*, not just "well I happen to like tweaking that" or
> "application X needs it to be set". If a whole load of applications need
> it to be tweaked one way or the other then maybe, but really that's a
> bug and we should fix it....

As said, there is a big difference between a useless option and one that is
visible easily by the user.


		 Lionel Ulmer -

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