Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at shemesh.biz
Mon Sep 15 10:26:50 CDT 2003

Hi all,

I have an application that does "SendMessageA" WM_MDICREATE, and this 
call FAILS. I'm currently running this under crossover office 2.0.1 (the 
only environment that would install it).

I'm quite capable of hunting this down on my own, but I was wondering 
whether anyone has had similar experience in the past. I would also like 
to know who is our "official" MDI maintainer.

Also, I noticed that this application registered two Windows hooks. I 
wasn't aware that these worked, but the app seems happy. Do we or don't 
we have working hooks support?

I have been a Win32 programmer for five years, and managed to go without 
writing any UI more complicated than a single dialog and a progress bar. 
Since I have been involved in Wine, I have tweaked the Font dialog, 
tracked the Text printing functions, did more OLE than I would normally 
want, keyboard input, and even some Direct X (a little). I find it 
ironic that I had to move my skills to Linux before I had to touch any 
of these.

Shachar Shemesh
Open Source integration consultant
Home page & resume - http://www.shemesh.biz/

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