resend - system tray support

Mike Hearn mike at
Mon Sep 15 14:36:31 CDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-09-15 at 19:20, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Mike Hearn <mike at> writes:
> > I'm going to keep sending this flipping patch until it gets in, or I
> > find out what the next problem is you know. There's no escape! :)
> Well, at least the critical section handling is broken

How? I took another look and couldn't see any way for it to escape, but
I could well have missed one. Or do you mean more generally?

> But the real problem is that all this stuff doesn't belong in shell32.
> We should really redesign it to get rid of the internal
> WS_EX_TRAYWINDOW flag and have a separate process to manage the tray
> window (plus other background tasks like the progman DDE interface,
> and maybe the desktop window too).

Well yes, I know. Long term we need to remove the KDE stuff too so when
an XEMBED tray is not detected, we can fall back to a "wine system
tray". But, this is quite a large project, and currently many users have
broken system tray support so it'd be nice for this to go in for now.
Maybe I can get around to moving it into a separate process (wineshell?)
some day, but not in the next few months, that's for sure.

thanks -mike

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