How do I find out what a program uses to identify a screen mode

hatky hatkyinc at
Mon Sep 15 17:04:22 CDT 2003

I replayed to this but I do not see my replay so I
will rewrite :(...
> Well, you need first to do a '+ddraw' trace (I
> suppose these are DirectX < 8
> games, it not, you will need a '+d3d' trace). Then
> check for anything
> unusual in the trace.
I did this already, and +x11drv too and did not find
anything that fits, can be a function with no traces
or something...
> To the risk of repeating, making games start and
> love our DirectX
> implementation is often the hardest thing there
> is... After, once they are
> happy, it's just implementing the missing stuff.
I will be happy to get more games working, I get a lot
of them so checking is not a problem and thats the
thing that usually makes me boot to windows...
> For example, I had to disassemble some checking
> routines at least 4 or 5
> times to see which bit in the caps was not set or
> which enumeration was
> missing which makes the game not start. Not with a
> lot of success though (oh
> well, it did help on 2 games, so it was not entirely
> in vain :-) ).
I thank you a lot if you will be kind enough to take
some time to teach me how to debug games/progs and
solve there misunderstandings with wine :) 


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