winetest.exe no results

Tony Lambregts itadmin at
Mon Sep 15 22:13:52 CDT 2003

Eric Pouech on  Sunday, September 14, 2003 10:46 AM  wrote

> > Eric since you wrote the test could you shed some light on it.
> I think the wrapped tests should fail: MSDN states that wrapping isn't
> supported in 95/98 (the test/console.c believes it's always supported)
> but this testSimple() should work in all cases

I don't grep what you mean. What is this testSimple()

I don't mind the test failing if we expect it to fail.  The problem(s) I
have is that the output is screwed up and that I have to press CTRL-C to
move on. I know we don't want to do a version test in the conformance tests
so, should we be testing wrapping as part of the default tests? We s/could
keep it as an optional test if the behavior is known not to be consistent in
all versions, but is consistent in flavors. IE: NT vs 9x

The bottom line here is that the output is junked for this test under
Windows 9x/me and the user has to press CTRL-C to get out of it. If nether
of these occured I would keep it as a default test but thats not the case.


Tony Lambregts.

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