Trying to install ChurchWindows, but it requires IE4?

Mike Hearn mike at
Wed Sep 17 14:37:27 CDT 2003

Hi Dan,

I already have IE installed, so I didn't get the error you originally
did. I hacked window.c to default to managed mode to get around X
protocol errors, and that seemed to work OK, but unfortunately heap
arena corruption later in the install caused it to deadlock. So, I think
we're some way off supporting this installer.

I'm going put some hours into this heap problem, see if I can isolate
where it's being trashed. By the time it deadlocks the program *has*
copied, it's doing final setup (registering some stuff i think), so it
might run anyway.

For the IE issue your best bet is simply to install IE, or if you can't
get that to take, copy across and register the DLLs manually.

thanks -mike

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