Wine 20030911 trouble

Richard Cohen richard.cohen at
Thu Sep 18 08:35:08 CDT 2003

flyker wrote:
 > After install version 20030911 i run very simply program compiled with
 > wine and after it the system (RedHat 9.0) become very slow,
 > it does not respond keyboard and mouse and it much use hard disk.
 > I think it alloc memory in cycle.
 > After some time the system kill wine.
 > Installation witnout nptl.
 > Previous version 20030813 work fine.
 > Any ideas ?
I've noticed the same problem - it's gobbling up the memory. The problem 
seems to be with WINEDLLPATH.

Near the bottom of the script that winewrap creates to start your 
program there is a section:
# figure out the full app path
if [ -n "$appdir" ]; then
     export WINEDLLPATH

Delete the lines containing WINEDLLPATH.

This works for me - but those lines were in 20020813 as well so it seems 
the regression must lie elsewhere.


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