Starting wine turns off my screen

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Thu Sep 18 10:23:06 CDT 2003

Did winecheck say you have a problem ?
You can try to use ttydrv, or :

from a TEXT console, set DISPLAY like this :
export DISPLAY=localhost:0
and try to run 'wine wcmd' or another text-only program from here.

or run 
wine notepad.exe & > logfile.
you will be able to see what wine reports since you can connect to it
by SSH.

> I'm using the wine CVS version, compiled from source. I just looked
> at these 
> URLs and will submit a bug report to bugzilla, after I've tried an
> older ATI 
> driver. I can't go back to text mode, I have to reboot to get my
> screen back 
> to life. If you need a process list, I can connect to my PC using SSH
> and 
> send it to the list.

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