text edit box not painting text ( on form startup )

Doug Herbert dougy_herbert at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 18 22:41:19 CDT 2003

( I have posted a similiar question in wine-users,
don't flame me for doing so, just thinking about this
some more, perhaps it may be more a developer question

Ok, I have a windows app, that runs under wine fine -
not quite. This app has a form, with many text field
edit boxes on. Quite often these edit boxes already
have text values, ie. they are not empty - there is a
database behind the form.

Anyway, the form shows on the screen, but the text
within the edit fields is invisible, until you
activate each edit box component. When you leave one
edit box to the next, the text remains visible.

It seems like the repainting is not working, on
initial startup of the form.

As a way to debug this database app ( I don't have the
source code for it ) I wrote a real basic form app in
Visual Studio, with two edit boxes, with data in each.

Now this basic app shows the text values immediately
on startup. So there must be something different that
the database app is not doing.

I then ran wine using 'wine --debugmsg +edit
programname' for both app's.

I see both logging 'Creating ANSI edit control, style
= xxxxx'

but the style reference is different between apps - I
am not sure if this the cause or not.

The problem app reports style = 54011104 and the basic
app shows style = 50010080.

Can somebody explain  what this style reference means
and how do I force an app to use a certain style of
edit box ?

What other wine class debugmsg types should I use to
narrow down the source of this problem ?

Is there anyway I can check to see how the database
app is repainting text within the text edit components


Doug Herbert.

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