Regression - game not detecting display mode

Alex Pasadyn ajp at
Sat Sep 20 21:05:10 CDT 2003

hatky wrote:
> I tryed todays cvs version and running Unreal Turnment
> 2003 get me an error from the game :
> Error setting display mode: No acceptable display
> modes found (D3D_OK).
> This has morked last week, I think the last time I
> checked it was 7/9/2003...

That's likely related to a recent patch of mine that allows resolution 
changing.  (I removed the hard-coded list of video modes in favor of a 
list generated at run-time.)  I tested successfully with several games, 
but I don't have that one.  I just ran the demo version (patched with 
ut2003-demo-patch-1.exe), and it gave me an error in a popup MsgBox 
right after the splash screen:

Object Class ObjectInternal created in Class instead of Package

I don't know what causes that, or I would be happy to figure out the 
problem with the video modes.  If you want, you can send me a log with 
with x11drv and d3d logging turned on, and that may be enough to figure 
out the problem you are experiencing.


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