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Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Sun Sep 21 02:06:55 CDT 2003

Shachar Shemesh wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have placed on my site the slides for a presentation I gave at a local 
> LUG about Wine. The slides are in English, in PDF format. You can get 
> them at
> The lecture was given several months ago, but I'm going to repeat it in 
> about a month. If you have any comments, please send them over for 
> inclusion for next time.
>             Shachar
S6: what about Corel ???
S8: ReWind is not for TG. TG is not based on ReWind. ReWind serves as a 
X11-cross platform between Wine and WineX.
There's also Odin (Win32 subsystem on OS/2), but the shared code based 
is less than with ReactOS.
S17: I would complement "re-implementing" by the fact we translate Win 
calls into local OS calls (mostly)
S18: in Win DLL terminology, EntryPoint is the main init function from a 
module. Exports/Imports would be better here.
S20: I'm a bit confused with "all win32 Dlls are implemented as winelib 
apps". Firstly, a DLL is not an app. Secondly, from a pure technical 
point of view, we're talking here of two different things:
- win32 builtin DLLs are implemented as specific ELF shared library. The 
PE loader, when loading DLL, is able to load either builtin DLL or 
windows native DLLs.
- a winelib app, is an ELF executable (not shared library), which is 
able to execute as a Win32 application (loading DLLs, calling into 
(native/builtin) DLLs).
The wording here is perhaps short enough for a generic presentation, but 
it's IMO rather confusing.
S21: the first need of wineserver is that any wine application leaves in 
its own address space. So, all the interprocess 
communication/synchronisation has to be done somewhere => wineserver.

as a more generic comment, what about adding a couple of screen shots ? 
(just to complement on the alpha side of Wine => "it does work in lots 
of cases")

anyway, I think it would be good to share those slides (there are 
already a couple of them on WineHQ) if we want to keep on making this 
type of presentations to LUG and other events.


Eric Pouech

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