wine + valgrind

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Sep 21 03:35:58 CDT 2003

Oleg asked:
 > Could anyone give me the point how to use valgrind and wine altogether ? says
is the valgrind to use.

"This is variant of the older 1.9.6 stable release.
It makes it possible to run Wine on Valgrind, and so
to debug Windows applications with Valgrind.
See README_WINE_FOLKS in this tarball for details.
Valgrind 1.9.6-wine will work with any current CVS version of WINE,
or any snapshot build from 20030408 onward. Provided you have
the PDB files for executables and DLLs, valgrind will give stack
traces for MSVC compiled code.
Multi-threaded programs are fully supported.
Leak checking does not work at the moment.
A big thanks to Adam Gundy, arg at, for this."

- Dan

Dan Kegel

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