WineHQ: still TODO (take 2)

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at
Mon Sep 22 08:32:21 CDT 2003

Hi folks,

Half a year ago I've sent this email about the state of WineHQ:

This is a follow up to see what was done, what's left to do, etc.

NOTE: numbering follows original email.

First, let's see what got DONE, and who did it:

  1. Integrate Bugzilla into the site		(Jeremy Newman)
  2. Integrate AppDB into the site		(Jeremy Newman)
  3. Integrate the guides into the site		(Francois Gouget)
  9. Simplify the Contributing page		(Dimitrie Paun)
 10. Improve Sending Patches			(Jeremy Newman)
 11. Update TODO/FunProjects/Janitorial/Winelib	(Dimitrie Paun)

Second, what is IN PROGRESS, and who is working on it:

  8. History page				(Brian Vincent)
 15. A Testing status page			(Ferenc Wagner)
 16. A Internationalization status page		(Vincent Béron)

Last, but not least, what is left TODO:

  4. The Who's Who page is terribly out of date.
  5. We are missing an Acknowledgements page.
  6. The Download pages seem like they need a bit of work.
  7. The HowTo needs improvements.
 12. The Status/UI Status page still needs some work.
 13. Get rid of the Miscellaneous section from Status/Core Status.
 14. The Search box is too low, but can it be helped?

Comments, suggestions, flames?


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