[winegcc10] Search standard libraries last

Richard Cohen richard.cohen at virgin.net
Tue Sep 23 09:34:43 CDT 2003

Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
> OK, so I'm confused: if we both agree that we should be passing .a and
> .so stuff to gcc, why are we ignoring these libs? (At this point, I'm
> not sure at all of the context of the patch, it may be that just the
> comment is a bit confusing).

The patched code looks like ...

static void sort_lib_file(const char* library)
     char *lib;

     if (find_dll(library))
	strarray_add(dll_files, strmake("-l%s", library));
     else if ((lib = find_lib(library)))
	/* winebuild likes the full path for .a files */
         strarray_add(arh_files, lib);
         /* Probably one of:
	 * .def - which winebuild won't find
	 * .so  - which winebuild doesn't support
	 * .a   - which gcc won't find
         fprintf(stderr, "Ignoring library %s\n", library);

... isn't it clear that the comment refers to libraries that couldn't be 
found (in the -L library search path).

If you prefer some other comment (or none ;-)), feel free to suggest it.

Perhaps you were deceived by the following line?

-        strarray_add(lib_files, strmake("-l%s", library));

The code was just adding stuff to lib_files and then not using it.


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