DLL Overrides and Winecfg

Matthew Davison m.davison at virgin.net
Wed Sep 24 10:53:41 CDT 2003

I have recently noticed the large number of Stub DLLs being Added to
wine with minimal functionality, for example Msi, MSHTML (they don't
work for me in any case). These additions have not for the most part
been accompanied with a new "native, builtin" entry in samples/config.

Due to the forthcoming removal of the config file, i assume this
functionality will be added to winedefault.reg. This is less than ideal
for people who track CVS or install from source with each new release
since, as before, their registry will not be automatically updated to
match winedefault.reg. 

Is there a mechanism for Wine dlls to specify a preferred override
automatically (e.g. where the built-in DLL holds no functionality,
whereas the native one works correctly, and if not how difficult would
it be to implement this, (e.g By adding the entries to the registry in
DllRegisterServer or some similar mechanism)
Matthew (Jabba The Hutt) Davison <m.davison at virgin.net>

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