Keyboard problems

Salmela 9700584 at
Thu Sep 25 07:34:44 CDT 2003


When running eg. notepad with latest wine cvs, wine doesn't correctly find 
out my Finnish keyboard. Instead it is using Latin American keyboard 
because it's getting the highest score when X11DRV_KEYBOARD_DetectLayout 
is choosing keymap.

I've looked in wine/dlls/keyboard.c and noticed that in Latin 
American keymap there are not many Alt-Gr characters. Every Alt-Gr 
charater produces an error and lowers the score of even right keymap and 
that is why wrong keymap is selected. So it seems like there is a 
problem detecting the keys right. Any thoughts? I've attached a debuglog 
of wine -debugmsg +keyboard,+key notepad

My system is RH 9 and /etc/sysconfig/i18n says:

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