Build log from tests built with MSVC 7

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Thu Sep 25 12:23:32 CDT 2003

Jakob Eriksson <jakob at> writes:

> Aha... it actually makes sense, whichever view of Microsoft you take.
> Conspirational theory:  it is now documented, but as a counterblow
> they make it harder
> to use by removing the ability to link to it statically.
> Well wishing theory: since it was undocumented to begin with,
> Microsoft wants to better
> its reputation by not using it themselves anymore.  Hence its
> disappearance from the link
> library.
> Engineer theory: since it was undocumented, it is now considered
> obsolete. Hence removed
> from the link library so as to not encourage its use.
> Of course, the thruth could be a combo of all above. :-)

Before we start accusing Microsoft (not that I mind doing that of
course ;-), have you checked that we are actually using the correct
comctl32.lib?  And that this comctl32.lib really doesn't have these
functions? (strings and grep are your friends).

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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